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An awareness raising campaign on culture and development (2007-2009)

Funded by the European Commission (EuropeAid-Budget line “Awareness raising on development”), ARCADE is an awareness raising project to culture and development coordinated by ACTED in partnership with ENTP, the European New Towns Platform and CIR, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences.

The ARCADE project aims to raise awareness about culture and development in Europe. By promoting the cultural and artistic identity of developing countries in Europe, ARCADE also wants to highlight that the respect of cultural diversity is a prerequisite for successful and sustainable development projects.

The project brings together actors of culture and development from various backgrounds (including representatives of local authorities, NGOs, foundations, universities, international organisations as well as artists and cultural practitioners) to exchange the latest ideas and to promote best practices related to the role of culture in conflict prevention, economic development, social cohesion and poverty reduction.

Find more information on this project, articles, relevant contacts, etc on the ARCADE website.