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Aiding Displaced Populations in North-East Nigeria

Distribution of NFI kits by ACTED’s Nigeria mission are underway in the North-East village of Gagiram, where some 10 camps house thousands of IDP families who have fled their homes due to conflict in Nigeria’s Borno state. Funded by UNOCHA, this distribution is part of a larger six-month project to construct shelters, distribute emergency shelter kits and make improvements to existing sites. Through this project, a total of 2,000 families will receive NFI kits.

The NFI kits consist of basic household items and include blankets, mosquito nets, kitchenware, mattresses and other means of providing families with more comfort and convenience in their temporary shelters. “These items are a big help for us,” said 25 year old Lufi, who has been in the camp for six months. “We lost almost everything [during our displacement] and with these items I now have pots to cook with and mattresses for my children to sleep on.”