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ACTED Uganda Gains a Deeper Understanding of the Causes of Vulnerbaility Among Refugees and Host Communities

ACTED field teams collect data from 1,500 refugees and host community members, to produce vulnerability assessment within the West Nile region

ACTED, in partnership with UNDP, is currently undertaking a widescale vulnerability assessment of South Sudanese refugees and local host community members, within the West Nile region of Uganda. Since July 2016, over 1,000,000 South Sudanese refugees have entered Uganda, fleeing food insecurity, violence and persecution in South Sudan. Uganda operates with a settlement policy, allowing refugees to have access to land, to local services (such as schools and health care facilities) and encouraging integration with the local communities.

ACTED is surveying 1,500 members of the refugee and host community population, in the districts of Yumbe and Moyo to understand how vulnerabiliaty manifestes within and between these communities, and between both men and women. The results will be used to inform the beneficiary selection for 1,500 beneficiaries who will undertake cash for work activities to construct soil and water management structures within the camp, and among the host community villages. This cash for work activities will provide beneficiaries with an immediate household cash injection, allowing them to meet their basic needs.