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ACTED EUAV contributes to improving food security in Akkar

Jessica, ACTED EU Aid Volunteer in Lebanon since December 2016, contributes to agriculture and food security projects. In March 2017, she went on a field visit in Akkar district, in the north of Lebanon, to discuss the implementation of a food security project launched in January 2016. Here a few words about her experience:

Last week, the ACTED Lebanon agricultural team went for a field visit to Akkar, in the North of the country, in support of a project to boost food resilience in the region through the promotion of integrated landscape regeneration. The main objectives of the project are to promote socio-economic recovery of the Akkar rural communities, and to increase food security and ecologically sustainable agricultural livelihoods.

With the help of two permaculture counselors, the ACTED team visited households and apple farms to conduct a thorough assessment and highlight the main problems these farmers are facing in food production and water retention. The assessment consisted of testing the soil, collecting information about the different crops these farmers grow, how they collect water, and whether they use compost, chemicals, and/or pesticides.

The information collected will enable the teams to have a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural techniques and knowledge in the area and adjust the future agricultural trainings to the farmers’ needs while establishing training hubs where they can view the different techniques promoted by ACTED. In collaboration with the municipality, ACTED has set up a training hub and nursery, and will soon provide capacity building trainings to local farmers in Akkar.

This project is a pilot of ACTED’s approach of providing holistic solutions through geographic-focused interventions, incorporating elements that address challenges to both micro-, meso- and macro-level production. This approach is based around an understanding of ecosystem services, or the study of relationships between organisms and their environment, and is expected to make the most efficient use of non-renewable and on-farm resources while integrating natural biological cycles and controls, sustaining the economic viability of farm operations and enhancing the quality of life for farmers and their communities.

Want to learn more about humanitarian issues in Akkar and ACTED's activities promoting landscape regeneration? More information available here.


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