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ACTED is assessing needs for response to floods in Sri Lanka

A week of incessant rains brought by the monsoon has hit Sri Lanka since 25th of May, causing massive floods and landslides in 15 districts of the southwestern part of the country. So far, 208 people have died, more than 565,000 people have been affected (including 70,000 severely affected), and 66,000 displaced people still remain in camps set up by the government, after more than 9,000 houses have been destroyed or severely damaged.

The emergency response has mobilised a wide range of actors – including government, UN agencies, local and international NGOs, and private sector –, all mostly involved in distribution of food and non-food items, and emergency WASH. Although the water level is slowly decreasing, risks of landslides and dengue remain prevalent in some of the affected areas.

ACTED has carried out a rapid assessment in one of the most affected districts to evaluate post-disaster needs. As some people are now returning to their homes, clearing and removal of debris will now be a priority to support early recovery and enable people to recover their normal lives.

In total, 20,792 houses have been impacted, and 290,000 women and 138,000 children have been directly affected.