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Access to safe water and hygiene for crisis-affected populations in Bay and Sanaag regions

Water scarcity in Bay and Sanaag region as result of the deteriorating drought situation, prompted ACTED to intervene with an objective of reducing morbidity and mortality caused by lack of water and WASH-related diseases. This will be achieved through water trucking and borehole rehabilitation in Baidoa and Badhan within six months. 3000HHs (Baidoa 1,500HHs; Badhan 1,500HHs) will benefit from 2 months of water trucking and 4,000HHs will benefit from hygiene promotion and distribution of hygiene kits (2,000HHs for each location). ACTED will also rehabilitate two boreholes (one in each location) which will serve approximately 5,000 people in each location

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